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I’ve got a message on my Keypad – what does it mean?

If you've got a message on your Keypad, here's what it could mean:





Your Powercode has been accepted. You’ll see the amount of electricity you have bought followed by the word ‘Account’ and then by the amount of credit you now have on your Keypad.


The meter has rejected the Powercode number. This will be followed by a message telling you why the number was rejected.


This means this Powercode number has already been added to your Keypad. Wait until the message clears, press the ‘*’ button and then enter a new Powercode number, making sure it’s not one you’ve used before. If you press button ‘4’ you can see the last five Powercode numbers entered into your meter.



You have entered the Powercode number incorrectly. Wait until the message clears, press the ‘*’ button and then re-enter the number.

Wrong Tar

You have not yet entered the most recent special ‘tariff change’ Powercode which we issue  each time we update the rate at which your electricity is charged. If you have lost your special Powercode, here's how to find it.

Once you have entered  the special tariff change code you will be able to enter the last Powercode number you bought.

Credit Hi


You have too much credit in the meter (the maximum limit is £999.99). Keep your Powercode in a safe place until you have used up some credit and then you can use it.


There has been a delay of more than 20 seconds between entering each digit. Please re-enter your Powercode number quicker.



This means that your Powercode number has been rejected at least five times in a row. Wait until the message clears, and then re-enter your Powercode number.