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I have credit on my account. Why has this not been refunded automatically?

You can request a refund by calling us on 03457 455 455*.


We want to help you manage your energy costs, so we try to spread your monthly Direct Debit payments evenly throughout the year.


If a statement shows you're in credit that could be due to the season. For example, you may have built up a credit during the summer that you'll need to pay for the extra energy you may use during the winter - that's why we don't issue a refund automatically.


At your annual review:

  • If you've built up more than £50 of credit on your account, we'll refund this to you automatically as long as your most recent bill was based on an actual meter reading and not estimated.
  • If you've built up a credit of less than £50, we'll keep this on your account and use this when calculating your future payments. However, if you'd prefer to have this money back, you can ask us to give you a refund as long as your most recent bill was not estimated. It’s important to know that, if we refund a credit we may increase your monthly payments to make sure you're paying the right amount in the future.


Please note: If your next bill is due in the next 3-4 weeks a refund may not be possible.


*Phone lines open Monday to Friday 8:30am to 6pm. Calls are recorded for quality assurance purposes.