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What if I miss the meter reader?

Northern Ireland Electricity Networks (NIE Networks) read meters on behalf of all electricity suppliers in Northern Ireland.


If you miss the meter reader they will generally leave a card to advise you that they have called at your property and how you can go about providing a reading.


Energy Online customers can submit their meter readings online. We will send you an email to advise you when we need you to enter a meter reading and a notification will also appear within your online account. However, if your meter is in an outside meter box NIE Networks will routinely read your meter every 3 months and if this read has already been submitted by NIE Networks you will be unable to enter your reading.


To submit a meter reading, click on the ‘Submit meter read’ button on the ‘Billing' page.  On the ‘Meter readings’ page, enter your meter read and click on the ‘Submit meter read’ button.


Please note you will only be able to submit a meter read when your meter reading is open. When your meter reading window is closed you can estimate your next bill, however this reading will be used for your guidance only and will not be used to produce your bill