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Why is my top up code being rejected?

If your top up code is being rejected, firstly check have you received any of the following messages. The information below should give you an indication of why your top up code has not been accepted.


Duplicate: This top up has already been added to your Keypad. Wait until the message clears, press the ‘*’ button and enter a new top up code number, making sure it’s not a top up code you’ve used before. If you press button ‘4’ you can see the last five top up codes entered into your meter.


Incorrect: You have entered the top up code incorrectly. Wait until the message clears, press the ‘*’ button and then re-enter the number.


Wrong Tar: You have not yet entered the most recent ‘tariff change’ top up code, which is usually 40-60 digits long (this is issued when we update our unit rates). Once you have entered the tariff change code you will be able to enter the last top up you purchased.


Credit Hi: You have too much credit in the meter (the maximum limit is £999.99). Keep your top up code in a safe place until you have used up some credit and then you can enter this into your meter.


Error: There has been a delay of more than 20 seconds between entering each digit. Please re-enter your top up code quicker.


If the code is still being rejected please:

  • Check that the 19 digit premise number on your card matches the one on your receipt and begins with ‘98269’
  • Ensure that if your code is 40 or 60 digits long you have entered it as one long number
  • Check that you have topped up your Keypad, and not a friends or relatives.