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What is a Keypad annual statement?

A Keypad annual statement shows you how much electricity you have used in the last year and will also include the following information relating to your account:

  • Discount received
  • Total number of top ups
  • Tariff
  • Unit rate
  • Usage

This statement is purely for your information; you don’t have to take any action.


Other questions you may have relating to you Keypad Annual Statement are detailed below;

Why does the total amount topped up differ from the amount I’ve used? Should these not be the same?

The amount used is based on meter readings and does not include any credit on your meter at the time of your last meter reading.

Can I use my Keypad unit to accurately find out how much electricity I have used?

Yes! Press button 2 to see how much you have used in £ and pence each month for the last 13 months.

I came back to Power NI/ I had my Keypad installed / I moved house during the 12 months. What is the usage based on then?

The usage is calculated from the date you came back to Power NI, the date your Keypad meter was installed or the date you moved house.

I am paying off money I owe to Power NI through my Keypad. Is this included in the total amount topped up/bought?

No. The information provided is the total amount of credit you received in your meter, after any deductions were taken.

I would like to provide a meter reading, how do I do this?

Visit or call NIE Network’s automated meter reading service on 08456 093030.