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How can I save money using Keypad?

You can get FREE* electricity with Keypad Reward. With Keypad Reward, when you top up £50 or more in a single transaction using our website or app you’ll get free electricity. The more you top up the more you’ll get.

  • Top up £50, get £1 free
  • Top up £80, get £2 free
  • Top up £125, get £3 free
  • Top up £150, get £4 free

The Keypad reward rate applies to the effective unit rate including the benefit of the reward.


With Keypad it's also easy to keep track of what you're spending - helping you to cut your energy costs. You can find out the following:

  • How many days credit you have left

Pressing button 1 on your Keypad tells you the number of days of credit you have left, based on your last week’s usage. This is just a guide as you may use more or less electricity week by week. When your meter is first installed it will be one week before this display is accurate.

  • How much electricity you have used

Pressing button 2 on your Keypad tells you how much electricity you use in pounds and pence over the last day, week or month(s).

  • How much electricity you are using currently

Pressing button 6 on your Keypad also tells you what electricity you are currently using in kilowatts allowing you to work out what each appliance in your house uses.