How is my monthly Direct Debit calculated?

Monthly Direct Debit makes it easier for you to manage your energy bill payments by making equal monthly payments, helping to reduce the stress of paying bills in full as they arrive.

We look at your historical energy consumption* to estimate and forecast your future energy cost for the next 12 months.  This cost is then split into equal monthly amounts to enable you to make regular instalments instead of having to pay the entire bill in one payment each quarter.

We’ll send you a letter to confirm your monthly amount and the dates on which your Direct Debit will be taken. If for any reason you need to change your payment date or amount simply give us a call and we can review these.

You’ll continue to receive your quarterly bills so that you can keep track of your energy consumption.

*If we have your energy consumption data from the previous 12 months or more, we will use that data to estimate your future energy consumption. Otherwise we will calculate this based on the average cost of electricity for a similar sized property.