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I am deaf or hearing impaired and phone conversations are difficult. How can I contact you?

We have services available for customers who are hard of hearing or deaf.


If you have any queries on bills, payments or moving house please contact us by e-mail at


Alternatively, you can provide us with details of a relative or carer who can then contact us on your behalf.


If someone helps you to manage your bills, subject to their agreement, we can post the bills directly to them. We can also contact them if we need to reach you at any time.


We also have a doorstep service available. If you have a hearing difficulty we can arrange for NIE Networks to knock the door louder and speak clearly when they call to read your meter. A meter reader will call each quarter to read your meter, which we will use to bill you.


To take advantage of any of these services, please complete and return the customer care register form.